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List of non-liquid assets(auto parts)
The list of metal under implementation
Parts machining services
List of non-liquid assets
List of equipment for implementation
Manufacture of calibrated rolled products
Surface: G7 (drawing 75629 / 301.00), G8 (drawing 75630 / 301.00)
Wooden pallet 1200 * 800 (drawing 75022 / 304.01A)
Corrugation box made of five-layer cardboard "P32" ВС
Tarnish plate (drawing 74814/301)
Taps, hard alloys
Cable production
Softwood board, unedged
Purchase of hire
Fraction steel f1-1,2mm
Steel grades: 3Х3М3Ф, 5ХВ2С, 6Х4М2ФС, 35ХГСА, У8А, Х12МФ, Р6М5, 45,40Х.
Diamond wheels
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