Parts Machining Services.

PJSC "Druzhkovsky Hardware Plant" has the ability to provide services for the machining of parts on metal-cutting equipment in the following nomenclature:

 - turning machines: 16К20, РТ-2118Ф1, 16К40, 1Н-65

   products of cylindrical shape (shafts, bushings) max. length of parts. - 3000mm, max. detail diameter - 1000mm

 - gear-cutting machines: semiautomatic gear-cutting milling machine 53А80, gear-milling machine mod.532, gear-shaving mod.5A26

a) spur and helical gears min. diameter 12mm, max diameter 1800mm.

   Module m min 0,6mm, m max 20mm

b) bevel spur gears module m 1,5mm - 8 mm

c) asterisks t - 9.52 mm f roll. - 6 mm

                         t - 12.7 mm f roll. - 7.75 mm

                         t - 15.87 mm f roll. - 10.16 mm

                         t - 19.05 mm roll. - 12 mm

 - turning and boring machines (machining of body parts): horizontal boring 2A635 (table dimensions 1250mm x 1600mm), horizontal boring 2N636GF1 (table dimensions 1600mm x 1800mm)

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