Clamp bolts.

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Clamp bolts

Clamp bolts

Various fasteners are necessary for infrastructure development of railroads. Our company is one of the largest producers of these products in Ukraine. PJSC "Druzhkovka Hardware Plant" produces clamp bolts and other railway hardware. You will be able to buy the mentioned products from us at reasonable price. The products produced by the company are characterized by excellent quality and reliability. We sale exclusively certified fasteners which conform fully to modern technical requirements. 

Key characteristics 

A clamp bolt is necessary for fixing rails to pad elements in separate rail fastenings. Other components also should be included in the set. Among them there is a clamp nut and a double-turn spring washer. Use of the above said hardware allows the connections of rails to keep track width at the same level. These bolts provide absorbing of vibration and elasticity of a track. They do not allow the shift of rails either.  

Main parameters of clamp bolts are as follows: 

they made of steel 20;

options with an anticorrosion coating and without it are allowed;

metric thread - M22;

property class - 5.8;

accuracy class - B. 

In production variant of a bolt with a lighter head, the design consists of a head of special form and of a shank having the cylindrical form. Length of a shank part makes 75 mm. Products are manufactured according to DSTU GOST 16016:2017 (GOST 16016:2014, IDT). 

The enterprise can deliver any quantity of clamp bolts. The factory has whatever is required for carrying out a full production cycle. We constantly work on improvement of operational properties of manufactured hardware and bring the used equipment up-to-date. 

From the point of view of geography our factory is located in convenient place. That’s why the company can deliver goods to the Asian and European countries with the minimum costs of transportation. The offer of cooperation with the factory is relevant not only to Ukrainian buyers, but also to partners from other states. 

Why we 

You will be able to buy clamp bolts from PJSC “Druzhkovka Hardware Plant” on profitable terms. Throughout its existence our company has proved to be a reliable supplier of railway fasteners. We have a flexible system of discounts which can be appreciated in the right way by wholesale buyers.

Always glad to cooperate.

Are there any requests or questions about cooperation !? Ask a question to our technical specialists, send the application.