Fishplate bolts.

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Fishplate bolts

Fishplate bolts 

PJSC "Druzhkovka Hardware Plant" is the company specializing in production of railway fasteners. You can buy from us different types of these products, including fishplate bolts. We offer hardware which is characterized by high quality, reliability and longevity. All provided products are certified and conform to the modern quality standards.

Key characteristics

Railway fasteners, namely, a fishplate bolt for fastening rails of a broad gauge, is applied to mounting of dismountable connections in fastening points of rail joints.

We make products conforming to the standard GOST 799-73. property class: 3.6. The company can deliver any volume of railway hardware. Our factory carries out a full cycle of production: starting from preparation of material till production of finished products. The enterprise constantly upgrades the used equipment. 

The capacity level of our factory allows satisfying needs of any customer.

The advantageous geographical location contributes to decrease transport costs as to delivery of railway fishplate bolts to the countries of Europe and Asia. The offer on cooperation with us will be profitable both to Ukrainian customers, and to partners from other states.

Why we

PJSC "Druzhkovka Hardware Plant" has a long history. Our enterprise has proved itself as a reliable and responsible supplier of fishplate bolts and other railway fasteners. We produce qualitative and certified products which are completely conforming to all standards. The company offers clients a flexible system of discounts. It is not only profitable but also comfortable to cooperate with us.

Always glad to cooperate.

Are there any requests or questions about cooperation !? Ask a question to our technical specialists, send the application.