Hexagon nuts.

Hexagon nuts

Hexagon nuts

Hexagon nuts are widely used in mechanical engineering and other directions of industrial production. They are in great demand in Ukrainian market. PJSC "Druzhkovka Hardware Plant" specializes in production of these fastening parts. You will be able to buy such products in any quantity from our company. Products of our factory have gained a good reputation among customers. 

Main parameters 

Hexagon machine-building nuts are of different types. We manufacture fasteners according to the following standards: 

GOST 5927;

GOST 5915 (DIN 934);

DIN 6923. 

Each type of hardware has its specifics and application. They are applied in construction, mechanical engineering, assembly of conveyor equipment and construction of roads and bridges. Thickness of electroplated coating of nuts varies from 6 up to 12 microns. Designs of nuts correspond to product grades A and B. Products made according to DIN 6923 are used for forming of detachable fastenings in such branches of industry as instrument making industry, automotive industry etc. Fasteners are manufactured with knurling on a flange. It is necessary for prevention of spontaneous unscrewing.

The property class hardware varies from 5 to 10. The sizes of nuts differ as well. Their diameter can make from 6 up to 36 mm. Products are made on modern equipment using new technologies. For production we use raw materials of best quality only. At each technology stage strict quality control is carried out. Customers receive products which completely conform to the declared requirements. 

Cooperation with us 

PJSC "Druzhkovka Hardware Plant" sells the certified products at acceptable price. The company realizes flexible price policy. Favorable and convenient system of discounts is provided for wholesale buyers. In order to make your order please call us by phone +38 (06267) 4-25-45. You will also be able to make your order on the website, having filled in a relevant form. We will provide you with all necessary information of hardware regarding the fasteners we manufacture. Cooperation with our factory is profitable and comfortable.

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