Rail joint bolts.

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Rail joint bolts

Rail joint bolts

A rail joint bolt is a reliable fastening component. Its design consists of a rounded head (has the marking "П") for property class 10.9 and a neck of an oval form. This hardware is manufactured taking into account the requirements of the current standard DSTU GOST 11530-2017. These fasteners are used for connection by special pads of rail joints of railways of different types. 

PJSC "Druzhkovka Hardware Plant" suggests buying quality hardware by wholesale. Sale of goods is carried out in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. The company produces rail joint bolts of different diameters and property classes.

 Key advantages

 Bolts are made from high-quality steels 35 and 40Cr. The specified material is easy heat treated and allows getting fasteners which are characterized by a number of advantageous features:

high mechanical strength. Property class of the product is 8.8 or 10.9.

Such factor shows that the bolt is capable to withstand serious loads. A structure fixed by means of the hardware manufactured with taking into account norms of DSTU GOST 11530-2017 "Bolts for rail joints of a railway track. Specifications", with guarantee provide an increased degree of stiffness; high tensile strength and not exposure of deformation;

resistance to influence of factors of environment (water, oil, chemical components, physical pressure);

surface defects in tolerance limits.

Bolt are applied in set with nuts. 

Profitable cooperation 

PJSC "Druzhkovka Hardware Plant" being a reliable supplier of bolting fastenings for construction and repair of railways, sells hardware products at low prices i.e. the cost of fasteners is free from extra charges of intermediary structures as we are a producer. At our disposal we have modern equipment and long-term experience. Innovation technologies are introduced in production.

We differ from our competitors in the following qualities: 

responsible approach to production. Technical data of products for 100% meet the declared parameters of specification. Quality of bolting fastenings is confirmed with certificate; individual approach to each client. If necessary we advise our buyers on all interesting questions; 

observance of dates;

flexible system of discounts;

products sale. 

To make your order, contact please the manager of the company by the phone. The price of bolts depends on their technical features (diameter, property class) and on shipment volume. We deliver fasteners for rail joints with a set of documents.

Always glad to cooperate.

Are there any requests or questions about cooperation !? Ask a question to our technical specialists, send the application.