One turn washers for railway track.

One turn washers for railway track

One-turn washers for railway track

Railway washers from the largest producer in Ukraine mean the quality known far beyond the boundaries of Ukraine. Products from PJSC “Druzhkovka Hardware Plant” are sold by large wholesale parties from several warehouses, including the warehouses in Donetsk region and in Kiev. You can purchase one-turn washers for railway track through dealers. The factory in Druzhkovka is not only an enterprise with unique history but it is a constant leader in production volume among the CIS countries and a factory of advanced technologies. Unique production lines provide an exclusive quality of products. The fasteners, such as railway washers are manufactured strictly according to GOST standards of special high-strength materials. 

Features of products 

One-turn washer for rail track is designed to fasten rail structures. The product must withstand high loads, be applicable for use in extreme conditions, wear-proof, resistant to low and high temperatures, aggressive influence of the external environment. For production of railway washers an alloyed spring steel is used. Hardware products conform fully to modern production requirements. 

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Quality is provided by step-by-step monitoring of adherence to specifications at each production phase starting with selection of raw materials till packaging of finished products. The control system of production is certified according to requirements of DSTU ISO 9001-2015. The factory provides simple and transparent conditions of shipment of any party of railway washers both in Ukraine and for export. In the country products can be shipped with the customer's transport, as for international deliveries DAP terms (to customs in the specified place of transition) and FCA terms are used. 

The company cooperates with companies from a number of European states, such as Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Britain, and also with the closest neighbors such as Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, Belarus, Turkey, Kazakhstan and others. In order to buy products, to learn wholesale price or to clear up conditions of the delivery offer of railway washers, you can leave your request on website.

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