Sleeper screws.

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Sleeper screws

Sleeper screws

PJSC “Druzhkovka Hardware Plant” produces different kinds of fasteners including railway fasteners. Sleeper screws also enter the last category. Our company is one of the leading producers and suppliers of these products in Ukraine. You will be able to buy from us such kind of railway fasteners on the most favorable terms. We sale only certified goods which have high level of quality and reliability. 

Features of products 

Railway sleeper screws are necessary for use in rail fastenings of railway tracks. They are applied to fasten rails to wooden sleepers. Screwing on fasteners is carried out by means of a special railway wrench or a screw driver. Double-turn spring washers are applied with these hardware products. Sleeper screws have the following features: 

they are made according to requirements of DSTU GOST 809:2017 (GOST 809:2014, IDT);

diameter - 24 mm;

length of products - from 140 to 200 mm. 

Style types St20kp, St20, St10kp and St3 are used for manufacturing of these products. Such kind of hardware is produced without special anticorrosion coating. However upon the demand of a customer we can apply a zinc coating with chromatizing. 

The enterprise manufactures railway screws on modern equipment. Our production lines are constantly improved and modernized. Thanks to it, the company produces hardware products which completely meet modern technology standards. We actively work at Ukrainian market. The factory also has close contacts with foreign partners. Thanks to a good geographical location of the enterprise, we have an opportunity to deliver products to the countries of Europe and Asia with minimum transport costs. That’s why the offer on cooperation with the company is relevant to customers worldwide. 

Our advantages 

PJSC “Druzhkovka Hardware Plant” sales railway sleeper screws by wholesale. You will be able to buy any volume of this hardware from us. We offer a convenient system of discounts. The more products you order, the less is their price. The cooperation with us is not only comfortable, but also very profitable.


Always glad to cooperate.

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