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Production capacity

The plant produces high-strength fasteners (bolts, nuts, washers) for bridge and building structures that are supplied to the consumer in accordance with GOST 22353 - 22355, GOST R 52644 - 52646: Stainless steels are used as raw materials for the production of high-strength fasteners and fasteners of increased strength class 35, 20Г2Р, 40Х, 40Х Select. The technology of fastener production consists in stamping the fasteners with the method of cold disembarkation and subsequent heat treatment in a protective environment in quenching and tempering the KOHNLE unit. The technological equipment of the plant ensures the quality and technical characteristics of the fasteners. The plant has a certificate for the quality management system according to DSTU - ISO 9001-2001 in the UkrSepro system, as well as certificates of fastener compliance in the GOST R certification system of the State Standard of Russia and in the UkrSepro system.

The plant occupies an advantageous geographical position in the center of Donbass - the industrial heart of Ukraine, with a highly developed network of roads and railways. The peculiarities of production are the specialization of production, the production of products on a full technological cycle: from the preparation of metal to packaging and shipment of products. The planned technical re-equipment of the equipment fleet, the development of new steel grades, the development of new types of fasteners, the use of an imported technological tool, allows the plant to produce high-quality competitive fasteners.

- Bolts M20 ... M27 GOST 22353, GOST R 52644 cl.pr. 10.9 and
- Nuts M16 ... M27 GOST 22354, GOST R 52645 cells. Ave 10 and
- Washers flat F20 ... F27 GOST 22355, GOST R 52646.

Along with high-strength fasteners, the plant produces fasteners of general machine-building design for increased strength classes:

- Bolts cl. pr.8.8; 10.9 GOST 7805, GOST 7808
- Bolts cl. pr.8.8; 10.9 GOST 7805, GOST 7808

The quality management system is certificated in accordance with the requirements of DSTU ISО 9001-2001.

Quality policy

The activities of PJSC "Druzhkovsky Hardware Plant" are carried out in the direction of improving its economic situation in order to strengthen its confidence in it. Subordinated to this policy, the main tasks are: improving the quality and competitive ability of fasteners, taking into account the conjuncture of the domestic and foreign markets, as well as the effective use of all types of resources and technical capabilities of the enterprise, according to the quality plan.

Manufacture of metal products and railway fasteners

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