Our enterprise has a fine work collective. Our professionals work in our business, training is carried out and the level of personnel qualification is raised, staff is motivated and motivated.

Today, the enterprise team consists of more than 700 employees, most of whom are engaged in production activities, and engineering and technical personnel ensure the functioning and growth of the enterprise. We are constantly looking for new staff, as we expand production.

Interesting vacancies that we can offer you:

  1. head of Economic Analysis and Planning;
  2. economist;
  3. manager of the supply department;
  4. engineer-technologist (chemist);
  5. submachine gunner (student);
  6. operator-galvanic (student);
  7. operator of packaging machines (student);
  8. turner;
  9. milling machine;
  10. electric welder of manual welding;
  11. crane operator;
  12. loader;
  13. driver (cat. E);
  14. loader driver;

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E-mail:; tel .: (06267) 4-23-23, 050-910-21-34

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