High-strength structural bolting assemblies.

High-strength structural bolting assemblies

Production of the mechanisms and machines working in conditions of vibration and fluctuations demands strength connection of all parts. Normal fasteners are not capable to keep the due level of fixing. As a result of vibrations they are significantly weakened, untwisted, thereby provoking breakdowns in mechanisms or even serious accidents. High-strength bolting assemblies help to avoid all this. They can be bought in wholesale quantity for production needs from "Druzhkovka Hardware Plant".

 Characteristics and properties

High-strength bolting assemblies are special systems of fastenings consisting of nuts, washers and bolts. They are intended for work in the conditions of extreme loadings.
Their tensile strength is from 800 mpa. This parameter is determined by the international classification of high-strength fasteners. Serious demands for quality of performance and operational properties are also made to the parts.

 High-strength bolting assemblies from Druzhkovka Hardware Plant company are manufactured according to standards, taking into account all normative requirements. Our products are the following characteristics:

-  production accuracy;

-  ability to keep functionality in the conditions of the high pressure and low temperatures;

-  endurance limit as to high loads (dynamic, static).

The special technology directed to improvement of strength properties of products is applied at production of fasteners. Among special measures of processing there is annealing of steel with the subsequent etching and phosphate coating. Steel also is processed be means of drawing (pulling of blanks under the influence of big force), stamping and thread rolling and volume heat treatment (hardening + tempering). Operations are carried out on the high-precision equipment.  Here you’ll find order advantages.  You don’t know where in Ukraine to buy high-strength bolting assemblies with guarantee of reliability and quality? We bring to your attention our products. Our factory in Druzhkovka manufactures special hard wares in a wide nomenclature and according to actual requirements of normative documents. We sale high-strength bolts by wholesale from warehouses or through our dealers. The price of a lot of parts depends on parameters of products. You can discuss the cost of bolting assemblies of a certain diameter and information on delivery by phone which is specified on the website.

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