Double turn spring washers.

Double turn spring washers

Double-turn spring washers for railway track

It is necessary to use high-quality fasteners for construction of railways tracks. PJSC "Druzhkovka Hardware Plant" is a producer and a supplier of these products. These products have a very extended application. In the range of products of the company there are different fasteners including double-turn spring washers. We sell only certified products which conform fully to the requirements specified in standards. You will be able to buy these products from us on profitable terms. 

Key parameters 

A double-turn spring washer is applied in components of track structure. This element is used together with screws of 24 mm and bolts of 22 mm. Steel type       60C2A is applied to its production. These hardware products are made without special anticorrosion coating. However it can be applied on products at the request of a customer. Key parameters of double-turn spring washers: 

outer diameter - 45, and internal - 25 mm;

hardness is from 41,5 to 51,0 HRC;

manufacturing is carried out according to the requirements specified in DSTU GOST 21797:2017 (GOST 21797:2014, IDT). 

Our company realizes constantly modernization of used production lines. That’s why the quality of products conforms fully to modern requirements. We carry out a full production cycle starting with preparation of row materials  and finishing with finished-product output. 

The convenient geographical location makes favorable the cooperation with us of customers from European and Asian countries. Deliveries of goods to Europe and Asia are not accompanied by considerable costs of transportation. The company actively works also at the domestic Ukrainian market. Many industrial and mining enterprises use our products.

Advantages of the company

You will be able to buy by wholesale double-turn spring washers from our company. PJSC "Druzhkovka Hardware Plant" offers flexible system of discounts. Its amount directly depends on quantity of the ordered products. We are also ready to organize delivery of goods to any part of Ukraine, Europe and Asia. Cooperation with us is not only very favorable, but also comfortable.

Always glad to cooperate.

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