High-quality wire products and rail fasteners in Ukraine.

High-quality hardware products and rail fasteners in Ukraine. PJSC "Druzhkovsky Hardware Plant" specializes in the production of hardware products: bolts, nuts, rivets for general engineering, fasteners for the upper structure of railways. way, high-strength fasteners for construction and bridge structures according to the normative documentation. The goods are shipped in large wholesale lots from a warehouse in Druzhkovka, Kiev, or through dealers. The steels of grades 35, 20G2R, 40X, 40X SELECT are used as a raw material for the production of high-strength fasteners and fasteners of an increased strength class. The technology of fastener production consists in stamping fasteners with the method of cold disembarkation and subsequent heat treatment in a protective medium in quenching and tempering unit f. KOHNLE. The technological equipment of the plant ensures the quality and technical characteristics of the fasteners. The plant has a certificate for the quality management system according to DSTU - ISO 9001-2001 in the UkrSepro system, as well as certificates of fastener compliance in the GOST R certification system of the State Standard of Russia and in the UkrSepro system. 

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